(Cool Care Club @ St. George)
Cool Care Club is super excited to again partner with St George Elementary School and offer an after-school child-care program for SGES families for the 2022-23 school year.

CCC has been offering after-school services to SGES families since 2014.  They were transporting two van-loads of kids into their Manhattan site everyday. Cool Care now brings the fun to St George instead...with no van-ride required.  

Regardless of where they're located, Cool Care Club will always be driven by two main goals:

This year, Cool Care is hopeful for a more normal school-year, with way less COVID-influence. They're ready to welcome new friends to the program while continuing the relationships they've established with old friends too!  

Contracts are now ready and registration has begun.  To guarantee a spot, registrations must be received by Sunday, July 31.  It's possible that late registrations may be accepted, but only if space allows.  The number of registrations received by July 31 will be used to plan and staff accordingly. 

Language has been added to the contract to address pandemic-related issues.

Care is available at our Manhattan site on Full-Days, Snow-Days, and Spring Break.

For more information or to request a contract, please fill-out a request on our "Contact Us" page or email us at