Group Leader

Meet Miss Raquelle...

Miss Raquelle worked this past school year with the after-school program at CCC.  She proved herself to be a fine addition to the staff! 

Raquelle is from Manhattan and graduated from Manhattan High School. She is now attending Kansas State University and studying Elementary Education with an emphasis in Science.  She's not entirely sure what she wants to do after graduation but hopes that she ends up somewhere WARM! 

When Raquelle is not at school or work, she enjoys playing with her lab-mix dog named Holly.

She went to elementary school at Bergman Elementary and enjoys having that connection with some of the CCC kiddos.  Her favorite thing to do here in Manhattan, during the summer, as a child, was to go to Cico Pool and swim with her friends.

This summer Miss Raquelle's excited to participate in the overnight event in late July.  She's heard the kids talking about how much fun it is and can't wait to experience it first-hand!