Hybrid/Full-Remote Option

UPDATE - AUG 14, 2020 - We have developed a plan that will be a workable soloution for SOME Manhattan families facing the challenge of what to do with their children during the hybrid and/or full-remote option of instructional delivery from USD 383.  Hours of this program will replace the school-day hours of 8:30-3:30.  We may be able to add an "extended day" option eventually - but for now, we're only able to offer care during these hours. Space is very limited.  The first options to enroll, are being offered to CCC families who have been enrolled with us this past summer.  If you're interested in learning more and/or getting on our wait-list, please use the "Contact Us" page to inquire.  

- Hours - 8:30-3:30
- Static groups of 12-15 children - doesn't matter if your child is part of Hybrid Group A or Hybrid Group B.  
- Everyone has a spot on Wednesdays when no one is in school.
- Everyone has a spot if the district moves to full-remote.
- Support will be give to students as they navigate their online/virtual-learning requirements.
- Contract runs through December 18. 


Some steps we’re taking to reduce COVID exposure risks:

-        - Parents drop-off and pick-up in the drive

-        - Temperature screenings conducted at arrival

-        - Hand sanitizer and/or handwashing upon arrival and                 throughout the day – both as needed and at regular                 intervals

-        - Children in static groups with the same, consistent staff

-        - Masks worn by children & staff

-        - Social distancing practiced whenever possible

-        - Frequent & regular cleaning/disinfecting of our rooms,              supplies, toys, etc.

-        - Door/Windows open whenever the weather allows

-        - Honeywell Air Purifiers in each classroom