The following discounts are available:

Sibling Discount - Probably not a big enough reason to have another child...but if you've got one anyway, you might as well take advantage of this 10% discount for each additional child enrolled at CCC.  (This discount only applies to the school-year contract and options.)  

Year-Round Discount - Parents who have had their child(ren) enrolled full-time in the Summer Safari program can choose one month (August-May) to skip one payment of their after-school care fees.  (This discount only applies to basic After-School Adventure fees.)

Paid-in-Full Discount - Varying discounts for paying your school-year fees in one lump-sum.  Not enough to retire on...but definitely better than the interest rate that your bank is currently paying you.

Scheduled Vacation Option - Families of school-aged children enrolled full-time during Summer Safari, have the option to take ONE week of summer vacation for a discount.  In order to qualify, vacations must be scheduled in advance.