The following discounts are available:

Sibling Discount - Probably not a big enough reason to have another child...but if you've got one anyway, you might as well take advantage of this 10% discount for each additional child enrolled at CCC.  (This discount only applies to the school-year contract and options.)  

Year-Round Discount - Parents who have had their child(ren) enrolled full-time in the Summer Safari program can choose one month (August-May) to skip one payment of their after-school care fees.  (This discount only applies to basic After-School Adventure fees.)

Paid-in-Full Discount - Varying discounts for paying your school-year fees in one lump-sum.  Not enough to retire on...but definitely better than the interest rate that your bank is currently paying you...and the best part is that you don't have to remember, or hassle with, monthly payments.

Scheduled Vacation Option - Families of school-aged children enrolled full-time during Summer Safari, have the option to take ONE week of summer vacation for a discount.  In order to qualify, vacations must be scheduled in advance.