(Cool Care Club @ St. George Elementary School)
Cool Care Club is super excited to partner with St George Elementary School and offer an on-site after-school child-care program for SGES families for the 2020-21 school year.

CCC has been offering after-school services to SGES families since 2014.  They've been transporting two van-loads of kids into their Manhattan site everyday. Starting in August though, Cool Care is bringing the fun to them instead...with no van-ride required.

Cool Care is excited to meet new friends and welcome new families to the program while continuing the relationships they've established with their old friends too!  Rest assured, that regardless of where they're located, Cool Care Club will always be driven by two main goals:

Several of the details are still being worked out, but contracts should be available shortly after next school-year's calendar has been approved by the school district.

Next year at SGES:
-care provided for K-6, 3:30-5:45 on site at SGES
-care offered on full-days at CCC
-care offered during spring break at CCC
-care offered on snow days at CCC

Rates: $150/month for after-school care

Sibling discount available - 10% off for siblings

For additional fees, full-day coverage, on days when school is out of session, will be an option for parents that wish to bring their children into Manhattan to CCC...this is also true of Spring Break and Snow Days.